Araya Announces “POISON” from ‘ARENA’ EP out in April

Araya, a Thai-Chilean NYC native and multi-hyphenate artist announced the release of a track from his forthcoming ARENA EP, “Poison”. 

If you have recently experienced a gruesome heartbreak, “POISON” is the song for you. Araya’s new track brings life to the feelings you cycle through while healing from challenging breakups. This is especially for instances where although someone isn’t right for you, they still have a strong hold on your heart. The drop in bass along with Araya’s voice symbolizes a sinking heart along with the remembrance of the relationships’ highs and lows. 

Araya’s music video of “POISON” is an introduction into the world he’s created with this new music. It warns listeners of the deeply felt emotions that the lyrics replicate.

“Poison is one of the most honest songs on ARENA as it acts as a sort of confessional for me, acknowledging my part in toxic cycles that I felt like we’re bigger than me. I’m realizing both in my writing & in this song specifically that I always leave myself a trail of hope for a better me, even if in that moment I can’t project that into my actual life. Poison is my submission to a cruel love; accepting that & my previous choices, in hopes of eventually growing from it all.”


Born and raised in Long Island, Araya attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and trained to become a graphic designer while dreaming of a career in music. Araya’s struggle with purpose, identity, and spirituality are visible through his music in how he mixes vintage and futuristic sounds into a mesmerizing blend of R&B, soul, hip-hop, and electronic music. The young star uses music as an outlet to comprehend and channel life experiences into reflective tales of self-acceptance and understanding. 

In the February of 2022 Araya released his sophomore LP, Ethos. Following the release of Ethos, Araya has collaborated with a myriad of producers & artists such as CLIP, Y2K, Yeek, Monte Booker, Junior Varsity and Cautious Clay. “POISON” can be bought or streamed here.

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