Lizzy Young Releases LP “CooCoo Banana” and New Video

From Paris to New York City, Lizzy Young emerged to the scene in 2020 with her debut CooCoo Banana, a visual album of 10 tracks confronting mortality. In celebration of the upcoming release of her song Not that Bad, Lizzy has just unveiled a new video for the track “Everything is Beautiful.” 

Lizzy Young Releases New Video and LP Out 12/5

Lizzy explains, “Everything is Beautiful reflects the intangible in life, the little things we overlook and the big things we take for granted.”

Lizzy’s second album is centered around the experiences of women; “This album is my love letter to everyone who identifies as a woman. I find it complicated to be a woman, even in 2022, and I need to talk about what I know best.”

Not That Bad is not only an empowering tribute to women, it is also an album that at times captures the heady pulse of a night out; “something that people would want to play in a sweaty club,” she says. “A little different from what I’ve been hearing the last couple of years. Something that fits the times: dark, groovy, slightly funny, and a little apocalyptic.” 

Work on this album began back in 2020, but then Young ended up at a friend’s farm for 6 months. “I barely took anything with me and wasn’t able to record until getting back to Brooklyn,” she says. “I wanted this album to be a Brooklyn baby and after finishing the demos I   looked for someone local to work with to make it spicier.”

The opener “Cigarettes are good for Pain,” Young marries wonky pop with a charging techno beat, while the following “Shit Never Stops” takes a turn with snapping trap beats and merges them with subtle melodies. Young’s inimitable vocals are slow, considered, breathy.

To Listen to “Everything Is Beautiful,” click the link here.

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