This Week’s EQXposure Features Ian Nichols, mrhs, and Northern Faces

Each Sunday evening from 7-9 p.m. you’ll find EQXposure on WEQX, featuring two hours of local music from up-and-coming artists. Tune into this Sunday night to hear new music from Ian Nichols, mrhs, and Northern Faces.

WEQX has long been the preeminent independent station in the Capital Region of New York, broadcasting from Southern VT to an ever-expanding listening audience. NYS Music brings you a preview of artists to discover each week, just a taste of the talent waiting to be discovered by fans like you.

Ian Nichols – “Killer Corpse”

Ian Nichols is a singer-songwriter from Albany who is an indie rock/ Lo-fi composer. His fourth full-length album is scheduled to be released in November. He has worked on various other projects and produced the score and music for the 2014 horror film Lake Nowhere. His single “Killer Corpse” will be played on EQXposure.

mrhs – “Old Fashioned Hurgusburgus”

mrhs are a synth-punk group from Albany. They recently released a new album, Poo Brain. The song “Old Fashioned Hurgusburgus” from that record will be played on EQXposure.

Northern Faces – “Feelings”

Northern Faces are a rock band formed in 2012. The band features Bryan Shortell and Marco Testa on vocals and guitars, and Matt Ippolito on bass. 

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