Albany’s Doctor Baker to Release Album “Trespassers”

On Sept. 9, Albany-based rock band Doctor Baker will release their album, Trespassers, produced by Don Fury at Don Fury Studios in Troy. 

Consisting of Ed Schwarzschild (guitar, vocals), Iggy Calabria (guitar, vocals), Chris Gockley (bass), and Danny Goodwin (drums, percussion), Doctor Baker originally started as an acoustic duo before expanding. The complete band brings a strong sound to audiences within the Capitol Region and beyond. 

An award-winning short story writer and novelist, Schwarzchild’s lyricism on Trespassers is evocative and compelling. The band’s sound on the album spans various emotions with the first single and lyric video, “Exhausted,” released on Aug. 30.

The album is like a story collection, but they’re stories that fit in with what’s going on in the world at the moment … the songs on the album acknowledge that there are some real problems, but we’re trying to stay lit up, we’re still trying to love, still trying to figure out what love is, still trying to maintain relationships with the people we’re close to.

– Ed Schwarzschild

The title of the album, Trespassers, came to Gockley and Schwarzchild after a performance by Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy. The duo got lost on the way back to Albany and found themselves in a remote spot with “NO TRESPASSING” signs and the name of the album came to them. Of the title, Schwarzchild shares, “‘Hey we’re all trespassers now, let’s try to do things together, see each other clearly, see ourselves clearly.’”

Legendary producer Don Fury propelled the band’s sound forward, with the 11 songs ranging in instrumentation and tone. Backing vocals from Zan Strumfeld (Zan and the Winter Folk) and Melissa Thorne (Fol Chen) also strengthen the songs on the record. 

Doctor Baker’s Trespassers includes heavily distorted tracks such as the title track and slows to pieces such as “Holiday Lights” as a change of pace. The instrumentation of the album at times sounds light and cheerful but after closer inspection of the lyrics, the band adds depth to each of the tracks including vivid descriptions and reflections of politics, climate change, and the human condition. There is a relatable song for every listener on this album.

In celebration of Trespasser’s release, Doctor Baker will be performing at The Linda on Sept. 10, and Albany Distilling Company on Sept. 23. Fans of the band can keep up with them on Instagram, here.

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