In Focus: B2Wins at Levitt AMP Utica

The identical twin brothers, Walter and Wagner Caldas of B2Wins headlined at Kopernik Park in Downtown Utica on Monday, July 11. The show was a Levitt Amp Utica Music Series segment funded by the Mortimer & Mimi Levitt Foundation. In association with the humid weather, the B2Wins duo performed a fiery set bringing most in the crowd to their feet.

Far from a traditional band, B2Wins consists of Walter, who sings and plays the violin, and Wagner, who plays the ukulele and runs the soundboard. They have a unique style of music, ranging from hip-hop and reggae to classical and jazz. Previously, the Caldas twins resided in the slums of Brazil and then moved to America without knowing English. Never letting fear get in the way, they remained optimistic while battling to commence in the music industry before headlining shows themselves. They planted Brazillian roots in Utica before their next stop in Des Moines.

B2Wins began the set with warm, soft-to-the-ear classical music. Astonishing the crowd, they effortlessly covered popular songs by Bon Jovi, Louis Armstrong, Dua Lipa, and more. The crowd appeared blissful and danced throughout the entire set, despite the hot temperature. The brothers interacted with the audience through motivational speaking on behalf of culture and self-pride and encouraged everyone to get out of their seats to dance.

Closing the show, Wagner and Walter walked around the fence separating the stage from the crowd to perform. Eyes followed as they stood back to back, playing the ukulele and violin energetically while singing.

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