Kendrick Lamar Takes Over The UBS Arena During The Big Steppers Tour

Sunday, August 7, will go down in history as a euphoric night for the thousands of fans that saw Kendrick Lamar’s artistry at the UBS Arena. Although, The Big Steppers Tour has gone viral since last month, no one was prepared for the show they were about to experience. 

Kendrick Lamar
photo by Lucas Kurzweil

Back in May, Lamar released his fifth studio album, Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers after five years, and according to his fans it was worth the wait. Therefore, when he announced his tour, it was a no brainer for thousands to see his masterpiece live.

To describe it as amazing is an understatement, when today a good percentage of mainstream rap music has become an outlet for hit singles and TikTok trends, rather than complete works of art. However, Lamar is far from a one hit wonder, and if anyone was uncertain of his creative skills, his latest album and tour undoubtedly proved otherwise. 

photo by Lucas Kurzweil

Baby Keem, fellow rapper, who’s album charted at #5 on Billboard 200, performed a few of his hit songs including “Range Brothers” featuring Lamar, along with “16”, before passing the torch onto one of the most legendary rappers of all time. Lamar immediately started out strong leaving the crowd in awe, within the first 10 seconds.

Not only did Lamar perform songs from Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers like “N95”, “Count Me Out”, “Savior” and more, but other selections from his discography as well, including “Money Trees”, “Loyalty”, and” “m.A.A.d city”. 

photo by Lucas Kurzweil

If anyone could have started August with such a bang, regardless of performing three nights in a row, it would be the one and only Kendrick Lamar. In addition to his iconic artistry seen through his effortless flow, unbelievable lyricism, and unmatched connection with his audience, Lamar along with his team’s choreography was nothing less than stellar. The unification in their dancing, as well as the incomparable acting captivated the audience, making it crystal clear that this was more than just a music show. 

The hidden messages and subtle references Lamar made were only a fraction of what led this show to be such a dynamic experience. His creativity was otherworldly, as he displayed the arrows in his back, which represents his healing process during his darkest days, of carrying the pain he was not only baring from his own trials and tribulations, but of those he loves as well. Lamar even made being administered a COVID test mid-performance look undeniably astounding. Furthermore, his puppet act, which went perfectly with his choice of clothing that resembled a ventriloquist, gave the audience an essential point of view into the life of Lamar, as if he was looking into his own eyes. His fans could finally fully experience the true emotion of his album right alongside him.

Ultimately, Kendrick Lamar knew his tour had to make up for his time away from his loyal fans and he of course without question delivered a show to remember. If they did not know before, fans now understand why Lamar takes his time with his high-quality music. Therefore, next time around more will patiently wait since they know he will only produce some of the greatest gems ever in rap history. 

With tears in their eyes, hands in the air, and feet leaving the ground jump by jump, Lamar’s fans were left starstruck from the very first second to the very last. 

Setlist: United in Grief, N95, ELEMENT., Worldwide Steppers, Backseat Freestyle, Rich Spirit, HUMBLE., Father Time, m.A.A.d city, We Cry Together (Snippet), Purple Hearts, King Kunta, Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (Remix), Die Hard, LUST.(Snippet), DNA., Count Me Out, Money Trees, LOVE., Alright, Mirror, LOYALTY., Silent Hill, family ties (Baby Keem cover) (with Baby Keem), Crown, Mr. Morale (with Tanna Leone), Savior

photo by Lucas Kurzweil

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