First-Ever Wild In The Trees Music & Skate Festival Announced in Lake George

The first-ever Wild In The Trees Music and Skate Festival hosted by Mirth Films will happen from October 1-2  on the grounds of the Lake George Skate Plaza in Lake George.

Wild In The Trees

The musical artists range from punk and jam bands to alternative rock and feature well-known artists like Annie in the Water, Glass Pony, Neon Avenue, El Modernist, and more. Also included during the two-day festival is a skateboarding competition at the Lake George Skate Plaza, with competitions including a spot-based jam session, best trick, high ollie, game of S.K.A.T.E, and Skate -or- Dice.

The festival was born as a way to pay homage to all efforts made to raise money to build the Lake George Skate Plaza while embracing all the local talent. The skate plaza came about in 2008 when local skateboarders brought to the attention of the town the need to have a skate park. Through town board meetings and the creation of a skateboard committee, the town came together and raised over $100,000.

By 2014, the park was designed with oversight from the local skaters, and in 2015 it was finally done. The Lake George Skate Plaza attracts skateboarders from all across the northeast and beyond each year and gives them a safe place to skate and have fun without getting into trouble.

For more information about The Wild In The Trees festival, go here. To buy tickets to the festival, happening October 1-2, go here.

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