In Focus: As I Lay Dying Return from Hiatus to The L in Horseheads

On June 26, As I Lay Dying brought their Two Decades of Destruction Tour to a brand new venue in Horseheads, The L, which has been on a roll with shows since it opened.

as I lay dying

This was a show to get to early as it nearly sold out and you had a bit of a walk from the parking lot. Brand Of Sacrifice opened up and came out swinging, the heavy metal band from Canada taking command of the stage.  

Next up was Shadow Of Intent, hailing from Connecticut, who kept the energy going. Originally the band began as a two piece and started off with Halo-themed music, then transitioned to the deathcore sound they have now.

as I lay dying
Shadow Of Intent

Rolling up after them was Whitechapel, a band that is a staple in the deathcore community and probably could be considered the heaviest on the tour. Finally, to close out the night was As I Lay Dying, who had been on hiatus since 2014, having formed in 2000 in San Diego, California.

There was a bit of a hiccup before the tour as a few band members stepped down but the show went on and the place was filled, with Ryan Neff from Miss May I stepping in; he’ll be back at The L in September with another stacked lineup.

There have been many great shows at this venue but this one was definitely one for the books and with no signs of slowing down with the lineups that have already been announced, The L is making itself well known in the Northeast music scene. 

Brand Of Sacrifice

Shadow Of Intent


As I Lay Dying

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