Radio Free Brooklyn Releases First-Ever Compilation

Radio Free Brooklyn, NYC’s globally-reaching freeform streaming radio network, is releasing its first-ever compilation album featuring previously unreleased tracks from some of the station’s favorite acts.

Radio Free Brooklyn

Titled Sonic Resource Kit, the 17-track compilation is designed to support a new fundraising effort by the listener-supported station. The tracks were compiled and curated by music director Rachel Cleary after an extensive search and represent international acts including SUSS (US), Mikal Amin (US), Bodoni (Italy), Early Remains (UK), Pallbearer Industry (CA) and Suns of Southern Ulster (Ireland). The breadth of artist contributions attests to the international following of this “hometown” streaming freeform radio network. 

Founded in 2015 by NYC underground performance scene veterans Tom Tenney and Robert Prichard, Radio Free Brooklyn provides a platform for independent musicians and activists of all stripes. It has grown from a small Internet radio station operating from the basement of a Bushwick bike shop into a community organization with over 75 shows, streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Radio Free Brooklyn also functions as a community organization providing a radio platform for the diverse cultures that comprise the borough of Brooklyn, with a focus on music, local politics, LGBT rights, gentrification, gender issues, food, and more. As their motto says, “It’s what Brooklyn Sounds like!” 

The bands have graciously donated their tracks and time to support this effort and all proceeds from the sale of the Sonic Resource Kit album will go to directly support the ongoing operations of Radio Free Brooklyn. The cover art was created by Kosmo Vinyl with additional graphics by Lisa Levy. 

Hip-hop artist Mikal Amin opens the compilation with his track “Icon,” a hard-hitting stomper that asks the question –“Do you have what it takes to be an icon?”  Grunge-era fuzz and distortion highlight “Sala Must Be A Great Place to Visit” from Italy’s Bodini, while “Shadow” by Lovehoney is an update on the bluesy psychedelia of Hendrix.  The band Death Trap provides an exciting live track called “Stole Your Rock and Roll,” while “Cheyenne” by SUSS provides a taste of their critically-acclaimed fusion of ambient and country.

To purchase a copy of the album, head to or the link at their Bandcamp page.

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