)) R.I.S.E (( Releases Spiritual Debut Album

On June 10, a Brooklyn-based collective )) R.I.S.E (( released their debut album, WAVES OF POSSIBILITY. The five-track album layers unique instrumentation and spoken word to bring listeners a spiritual, connected experience.

)) R.I.S.E. (( WAVES OF POSSIBILITY debut album cover

The artists behind the album, Boshko Boskovic, Gabriel Wade, and Rebecca Nison, said that the practice of Reiki was integral to each recording session. Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing. R.I.S.E. is an acronym for Reiki-Infused Sound Experiences and each track on this freshman album amplifies that idea.

The process of creating this album was healing in our own right as well as permitting to amplify our own expression. We met weekly in Gabriel’s music studio in Park Slope, where we recognized that the process of recording meant we would need to be vulnerable while using our voices.

– )) R.I.S.E. ((

Produced by Muse Music, the sound experience of WAVES OF POSSIBILITY is multi-layered and dimensional. With ambient sound, chants, and soft-spoken messages, listeners can sit back and focus on the healing atmosphere of the album. The tracks convey a range of emotions, the sounds developing and changing throughout the length of each track.

The tracks include complex sounds, leaving any listener wondering what they may hear next.  There are traditional instruments intertwined throughout the album, like electric guitar and bass riffs, and drum beats. However, the use of unique sounds such as birds chirping or bells chiming within the layered humming vibrations really drives the listening experience.

With hypnotic-like harmonics and sparse lyrics, the tracks envelop any listener into an almost other-worldly and spiritual space. The combinations of sounds are uniquely creative and compelling.

Each of the 5 tracks is also accompanied by a video that showcases the work of 5 visual artists. The first of the videos, for the 12-minute track “Message for the Moon,” includes art from Skylar Smith. The visuals complement the audio foundations of the debut album, allowing listeners to get more of a multi-sensory experience.

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