In Focus: Motet With Mike Dillon and Eggy at Brooklyn Bowl

The Motet came into Brooklyn Bowl like a funk train on Friday, April 15, inviting everyone aboard to boogie. With Eggy as a perfect opener for the dance formula that is Motet, the two bands blended perfectly together for a show the fans would never forget.

motet brooklyn bowl

Eggy has grown tremendously taking the jam scene by storm with their crisp vocals, fun lyrics and type two jam capability. It has been my distinct pleasure to watch this band grow and I am so excited for what their future music will bring.

Motet welcomed Mike Dillon aboard the funk train as the conductor of percussion and boy did he get that engine grooving! Without lead singer Lyle Divinsky, Motet steered closer to their original jam roots and took the fans on an excursion of funk.

The Motet at Brooklyn Bowl Setlists

April 15

Set: Evil Twin, Cloak and Dagger, Can’t Fool Me, Kneebone, Rippin’ Herb, All Day, ‘79, Draccus, Contraband, Sunshine, Fountain, Dance Floor#, Wearing it Out%, Nemesis
Encore: Drumz > Cheap Shit
#Zappa cover %Ramsey Lewis cover, whole show with Mike Dillon on percussion

April 16

Set: Cretan, Sunshine, Nemesis, Speed of Light, Evil Twin, Back Seat, Fearless, Take Control#, Shade, Drumz, All Day, Funky Weekend%, Keep On Don’t Stoppin’
Encore: Evil Wicked Bad & Nasty^
#Juno What cover %Mint Condition cover ^Manzel cover

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