Chloe Sautereau Releases Newest Music Video “What If”

New York based singer-songwriter Chloe Sautereau, also known by her stage name sautereau, released her newest music video “What If” on Friday, April 1. This song certainly sparks up that intriguing feeling of wanting more, whether that’s hitting it off with someone new to exploring your own city’s timeless treasures. 

Chloe Sautereau Releases Newest Music Video "What If"
what if – sautereau cover

Chloe Sautereau is a Swiss singer-songwriter from New York, currently studying Recorded Music at NYU. She is originally from Geneva, Switzerland, and goes by the stage name “sautereau.”

After discovering a strong passion for music, sautereau started her musical journey at the age of eight. She would find this passion by writing songs and playing the guitar. Initially, her career began in 2019 under the name Cee, where she released her debut EP, “As I Keep on Dreaming.”  

“What If” Official Video

She released her first single, “Conversation Hearts,” under the name sautereau in 2021. Thus, providing a fresh perspective of her as an artist.

sautereau describes “what if” as “that moment you hit it off with someone for the first time and relive all those little memories that are crisp in your mind.” The song was produced by Chloé Sautereau and Toby May at Unagi Sound and was mixed and mastered by John Arbuckle at Cove City Studios, who also recorded the vocals on the track. 

“what if” is an ode to feeling like you’re on the same wavelength as the person you’re with, more so than you thought you could be. It’s about evoking new experiences and discovery, but also an ode to New York City and its little wonders that we often overlook.

– sautereau
sautereau full with guitar
sautereau full with guitar

Within this song, sautereau’s songwriting and storytelling capabilities shine through effortlessly. “What if” reminds us to stop and think of the endless possibilities that a situation can bring. Along with how these possibilities can impact our lives forever. She has a distinct talent for using her own experiences and making them relatable for her listeners.

sautereau jeans & guitar

“what if” is available to download and stream on platforms worldwide. Be sure to check out sautereau on Instagram @iamsautereau to keep up with her musical journey ahead.

On Friday when the video drops, it will be available to play on Youtube here.

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