Carly Pearce Gives a Heartfelt Performance At The Egg

After winning female artists of the year at the American Country Music Awards this past month, Carly Pearce headed to Albany to perform at The Egg to give a heartfelt and award-winning performance on Friday, March 18.

Hannah Ellis opened up the show with her guitarist Kevin Monahan where they sang her first hit single “US” and a cover of The Band Perry’s fire starting song, “Better Dig Two” which got the crowd stopping their feet back to their southern roots while singing along. The set list consisted of nine songs with three being covers.

Carly Pearce, left and Hannah Ellis, right

The lights dimmed low while the fog began to emerge out onto the stage and just when Carly’s band finished setting up, she strutted onto the stage in her vibrant red outfit and glitter boots. Without hesitation she opened up her show with the first song off her current album 29: Written In Stone, “Diamondback.”

The songs were uplifting everyone in their own way. As you looked around the venue you could see the hand on the heart swaying motion and the hand in the air emphasizing the heartbreaking words Carly sang that touched the individual. Heading into the fourth song on her 29 album she paused to explain to the crowd the meaning behind her album and how the order of the songs were intentional in order to tell the story of her life.

Halfway through the show it was time for the track named after the album “29” and this was where the crowd began showing its vulnerability and intimacy. As Carly explained the meaning behind the song and how she came from a line of very strong women in her family, so she didn’t want to shy away from the truth and embarrassment she felt during the emotional year of her marriage. A women in the crowd made a cheers to all the women in the room prior to the start of the song and everyone followed her as well as Carly.

There was an instant connection with this shows crowd and Carly Pearce. She brought two girls to the stage who held a sign up about their troubles and Carly didn’t let them go unnoticed or unheard as she talked to them on the stage about the struggles a lot of women face.

As the last song of the show began to be strummed and the cords of “Every Little Thing” began, the crowd stood up and swayed along feeling every soft lyric Carly sang. All a sudden at the half way mark of the heartfelt song they stopped and switch the beat to “Hide The Wine” a song from her first album that led to the crowd to begin jumping up in down at their seats to the all too familiar girl power song.

Waving goodbye to her fans as they stood and cheered for her, Carly left everyone with an adreanline rush. As the fans headed out of the venue the singing didn’t stop, a few women walked down the stairway singing the last song “Hide The Wine” lyrics and cheering.

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