In Focus: TR3, with Tim Reynolds at the Strand Theatre Hudson Falls

This past Saturday TR3, with Tim Reynolds, rolled through Hudson Falls to perform for a sold out Strand Theatre crowd. Most of you likely know Tim, and have seen him on stage with Dave Matthews Band. While TR3 and DMB are two very different bands, Tim’s playing is a constant. He has a special knack for tailoring moods, creating ambience, and shredding tastefully. These abilities were on display from the start of the show when TR3 opened with “On This Mountain Born in the Clouds,” from their newest album “Wild in the Sky.” The song featured a dreamy, and persistent guitar section that built in intensity over Dan’s driving backbeat.


After “On This Mountain Born in the Clouds” put the crowd into a trance-like state, TR3 broke them out of it with more tracks from the new album. “A Bone to Pick” changed up the tone and had The Strand Theatre rocking. “Galloping Sun Dogs” and “Poet” were the final tracks played from TR3’s new album before they transitioned into some older songs with “Sweet Spot.” Each song was as unique as the last and featured Tim’s ability to create melodies that feel familiar from the first run through.

TR3 took a break from playing original songs when they played “Song for Sonny Liston,” a Mark Knopfler tune that featured Mick’s vocals. The covers did not stop there, and the band played more songs by Peter Gabriel, The Angels, The Doors, and David Bowie. Riders on the Storm was a real surprise, and was unlike any other cover of the song. Tim played Ray Manzarek’s famous rainfall keyboard intro as though it was written for guitar. TR3 then closed out their chunk of covers with Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” that took the energy of the room to a whole new level.


TR3 then transitioned back to playing original tunes as the show wound down, unbeknownst to the fans. The show would finally come to an end with a one song encore. “Golden Flower” was beautifully intricate, was the perfect bookend to the night’s atmospheric opener. TR3 slowly brought the room’s energy back down to Earth as Tim set a loop before leaving the stage. Mick and Dan followed one by one, but not before Dan could slowly play himself out, leaving only the loop Tim had set. Then, for just a moment, there was a feeling of complete peace. Until the track cut out, and the fans realized the show had come to its final end.


TR3 and Tim Reynolds will be on tour for a few more weeks, and you can find dates and tickets on Tim’s website. The trio will be heading out to Ohio and Illinois before returning to the East Coast to play shows in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. You can also purchase some merch or CDs on Tim’s shop page.

Setlist: On This Mountain Born in the Clouds, A Bone to Pick, Galloping Sun Dogs, Poet, Sweet Spot, Grania, The Left Hand of Darkness, Song for Sonny Liston (Mark Knopfler), Mercy Street (Peter Gabriel), Who Rings the Bell (The Angels), Riders on the Storm (The Doors), Rebel Rebel (David Bowie), Ley Lines, Victory Express, Burning Season

Encore: Golden Flower

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