The Harlem Gospel Choir will Celebrate MLK day at Sony Hall on January 17

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day on January 17, the Harlem Gospel Choir will perform a matinee concert at Sony Hall.

harlem gospel choir

The Harlem Gospel Choir perform contemporary gospel with a touch of jazz and blues, and have become synonymous with power vocals, glorious sound and infectious energy. For over two decades they have been America’s premier gospel choir and have toured the globe, sharing the inspirational power of black gospel music.

Deeply rooted in the history of the African-American slave trade, black gospel music can be traced back to the 1700s when African slaves brought their unique African musical heritage to America and combined it with their new faith – Christianity. Out of the hardship and the trials of slavery, this unique musical tradition came to be, and forever changed music as we know it. Blues, Soul, and Rock-and-Roll…they all have origins in black gospel music. Harlem Gospel Choir presents modern gospel classics as performed in the black churches of Harlem today.

Born out of an MLK Jr. day celebration in 1986, the world-famous Harlem Gospel Choir is an enchanting display of only the finest choir singers and musicians from Black churches around New York’s Harlem. With 40 members, the group has solidified themselves as one of the most prominent gospel choirs in the United States, having performed on Good Morning America, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and even for figures like Pope John Paul II and President Obama.

Join the Harlem Gospel Choir for a special matinee performance to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. at Sony Hall on January 17th, with doors at 11am and the show beginning at 12:30pm. Tickets are $25 Advance / $30 Day of Show. For more info, visit the event page.

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