Kevin Devine Releases Powerful Single “Albatross”

New York-based songwriter and artist Kevin Devine announced his new album titled Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong, as well as its first single “Albatross.”

Kevin Devine’s new single, “Albatross.”

Devine has been making music for a long time. In the early 2000s, he performed with Miracle Of 86, which moved him forward into his own solo career. In 2015, he started his Devinyl Splits 7″ series with a variety of artists. He has also been a touring musician with Frightened Rabbit, John K. Samson, Julien Baker, and more.

Kevin Devine, photo by Erik Tanner.

His new single “Albatross” is a symbolic set of what his new album will be. Heavy drums, synth, and bass accompany Devine as the chorus spews, “If you’re sinking, sing-along/Nothing’s real, so nothing’s wrong.”

Devine decided the album will be titled Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong through this song, and speaking of the single itself, Devine had a few words to say.

‘Albatross’ is a hard reboot, a fragmented emptying-out for us strugglers whose life experience invalidates cookie-cutter solutions or miracle cures or 21st century coping mechanisms. Where do you turn for comfort when the generally-accepted value system and discourse is this degraded and grotesque?

Kevin Devine is releasing his tenth full-length record titled Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong on March 25, and he invites listeners in to discover the journey or self-preservation and its meaning. The album is available for preorder here.

Kevin Devine performing live.

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