Capital Region Musicians to Pay Tribute to Folksinger Bill Staines at Caffe Lena on January 22

At 74 years old, New Hampshire folk musician Bill Staines died on Sunday, December 5, 2021. For more than 45 years, Bill Staines has been the classic folk songwriter, singing his songs at the country’s top festivals, concerts, clubs and coffee houses. Above all, Staines performed at Saratoga Springs coffeehouse Caffe Lena twice a year from 1968 to 2021, once in the winter and once in the summer.

Bill Staines

Staines held a special role at Caffe Lena, having performed more than 100 times at the venue. In addition, Staines decided to play at Café Lena twice a year in 1968 and kept his promise. Across the world, many fans have been morning the loss of Staines.

Bill Staines has passed away from cancer and our hearts are breaking. He played Caffe Lena summer and winter every year since 1968. He’s our nearest and dearest and it won’t be the same without him.

Caffè Lena

On January 22nd, Caffe Lena will host “Crossing the Water,” a tribute concert celebrating the life and legacy of the beloved songwriter, Bill Staines. The tribute will take place on the date that would have been Staines’ winter show for 2022. It will feature Staines’ songs, passages from his autobiography, and video clips from his final concert at the venue on September 17, 2021. Furthermore, there will be additional performances by Dan Berggren, Kate McDonnell, Vivian Nesbitt and John Dillon, Wanda Fischer, Kevin McKrell and Arlin Greene, Jonny and Annie Rosen, and John Kirk and Trish Miller.

Staines had wonderful songs, charm and gentle humor, He was known for being an amazing musician and likable person. Along with his his kindness and gentle wisdom, he was said to have driven more than 65,000 miles every year to perform at music festivals, churches, concert halls and sometimes even in private homes.

For many years I have referred to him as an anchor to our heritage. So much has changed over the years. But Bill has remained a constant.

Executive Director Sarah Craig. 
Bill Staines

In-person attendees must present proof of vaccination and masks are required. For those unable to attend, a free live stream will be available on Caffe Lena’s YouTube channel. Tickets and streaming information are available at

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