Hearing Aide: Athena Burke “God is Here”

Inspiring Capital Region musician Athena Burke has recently released her new album, God is Here, on November 19. Produced by Devon Seegers, the album features eleven songs that address healing amid heartbreak and loss, and finding faith in something greater than what your eyes can see.

athena burke

With a message celebrating the humble joys in life each day, Athena’s tender yet powerful vocals pair with deeply honest lyrics on an earthy and vulnerable electropop soundscape. Burke is honest about the human experience, saying:

No matter what you’ve done or what you believe, you are held in a love that is eternal, universal, and inclusive. God loves the oddballs and God wants to unite us, not divide us. A new era is dawning and although it is chaotic now, there’s a groundswell of unity pulsing in our world.

Athena Burke

Growing up, Athena was abused as a child, and found the piano as a bastion of harmony as a toddler. This led to her studies at Berklee College of Music, followed by street performing and concerts across the country. Inspired to heal her trauma, Athena trained in meditation, breathwork, and personal growth practices, and in wanting to give back, Athena has given thousands of spiritual guidance and healing sessions and performances worldwide.

Athena Burke sings honestly about the human experience of a devotional person. God is Here is not specifically Christian or derived from any specific religion, but rather about finding the divinity and love in everything, everywhere, in everyone, and every situation.

Athena has been featured on the PBS/WMHT AHA! A House of Arts TV show, as well as receiving extensive airplay on WEXT AND WEQX. She is a frequent performer at her local listening room in Cambridge, NY, The Depot.

Order God is Here on Athena’s website here and follow her on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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