Orebolo Feat. Goose Members Set Sail On First Tour: So Ready For Solarium

Orebolo is an Acoustic trio featuring Rich Mitarotonda, Peter Anspach, and Jeffrey Arévalo, also known as affectionatly nicknamed aGOOSEtic kicked off their first tour at the Tarrytown Music Hall on December 2 2021 for a sold out crowd. The ambience and intimacy were unique, but the faces and music familiar.

You know you are in for a treat when you get “sitting Rick” Photo by Em Walis

Lost in the hollows of shutdown, the soft holiday lights, soothing houseplants and beautiful music of Orebolo provided a dreamy santuary when many needed it most. To witness in real time what was once only as livestreams recorded in a fantasy land far, far away, evoked a child-like sense of belief in magic and the power of music.

It Was Magic

Walking through the entryway into the theater felt like being a character in a movie where candles float above during meals and small flying balls were caught on brooms for fun. Having a ticket felt like getting the letter that we have been selected to participate in something extraordinary. The Tarrytown Music Hall experience could be described as safe in the way one might feel in their favorite cozy reading nook or behind the walls in a great castle. The difference was that the friends sitting nearby in this fantasy also happened to be member of a favorite band. Safety was of of the utmost importance. The venue required vaccination and masks for the entire show.

Safe space made for meaningful moments. Photo by Em Walis

Masks Up & Hearts Open

While it might have felt difficult for some to return to these precations and the lack of human connection that goes with it, the attention to detail in the overall ambience of the stage and performance completely offset any negativity or sadness. Filled with beautifully curated furniture, warm lamps, houseplants, and a frame ofchristmas lights placed on the floor, Orebolo successfully recreated the Solarium where many streams were filmed.

The Coxy Nook. Photo by: Em Walis

At the beginning of the show, Peter Anspach (guitar/ vocals) addressed the crowd and invited everyone to dance if they wanted. This statement set the tone for the rest of the night to be one of jovial connection, regardless of the decible level. The atply nicknamed “front row fam” due to the lack of rail danced the night away. Leading the pack was none other than Lord Marc “Scarf Guy” Komito accompanied by his wife Lady Diana “Mrs. Scarf” Komito.

South Farms staff were masters of the Covid protocols Photo by: Em Walis

Moderately Ready To Skip Bottom Eyeliner

Is it a microphone shadow or is it the mark of the front row fam> Photo by: Em Walis

Skipping bottom eyeliner seemed to be the correct tactic because emotion ran high throughout the show. Unlikely tracks such as “So Ready” electrified with new meaning as the choral volume of the crowd matched those on stage. Goose historians would asstert that the calm nature of “Slow Ready” successfully combined with the anthemic power of “So Ready” to successfully create “Moderately Ready” (not officially confirmed). There was an interesting duality in the excitement felt for a typical Goose show existing simultaneously with the stripped-down intimacy and haunting vulnerability of songs like “Bob Don”. Lifelong friends were bantering back and forth with the band as they have for years, but the power of the crowd at large hinted at how far the growth of these musicians has come.

Photo made possible by the lovely staff at Tarrytown Music Hall. Photo by Em Walis

Stunts & Shasta

It has been said that Gong Gang spiritual leader Jeffrey Arevalo does is own stunts. His stand up bass skills alongside vocals truly demonstrated his role as proverbial dark horse or wildcard in both bands. Jeff’s playing was so hypnotizing that it would be easy to miss one of the highlights of the show sitting patiently on the side of the stage. Rick’s partner provided support from the side stage with their puppy Shasta. “Lead the Way,” about Ricks previous dog was played, allowing for yet another moment to remeber not to wear bottom eyeliner.

Jeff gets his bravery for stunts from his Orion Jewelry Design bracelets. Available at the Goosemas Hometown Flodown Art Show. Photo by Em Walis

After The Farm Bought The Farm

Panning around the Music Hall, it became quite apparent that the staff were singing just as loudly as the rest of the crowd. It turns out that many of them were huge goose fans having previously worked at the now defunct South Farms venue. The excitement for the amount of new song debuts were shared by all.

Jon “Coach” Lombardi is a grounding constant in all Goose related happenings. Photo by Em Walis

A Goosemas Story

Visions of past present and future seemed to melt together. Marc up front doing his thing, the houseplants reminiscent of Peter’s mustached companion from the Goose Perry show, rewinding back to the Great Beyond Podcast, El Goose Times, sharing grass (the floor tickets, obviously) with Doey Joey at Westville Music Bowl. Chatter of the upcoming Goosemas show as well as the Hometown Flodown Art show happening earlier in the day.

Sam Bardini;s role with Goose dates back to signing up while it was still a “one day hopefully” Photo by Em Walis

So many thoughts were available to fall into when all of a sudden, attention was redirected back to the stage while “Rosalie McFall” filled the room . It was very obvious from the meticulous mixing arrangements being made that sound engineer Sam Bardini has listened to a bluegrass song or two in his day. The traditional nature of the song begged the question of how Goose bassist Trevor Weekz might sound playing mandolin with Orebolo.

Dream? Photo by Em Walis

Warm Lamps & House Plants

You know that part at the end of a movie where the wild adventure is over, bad guy defeated and the main character is back in the safety of their bedroom? Everything appears to be back to normal but then in the background we notice something from the fantasy world they had just escaped? Possibly a character from the movie shows up to remind the main character that they are still friends and will be there for the main character should they ever need? That was what Orebolo did for so many on their first night of tour.

Photo by Em Walis

Weeks later, when scrolling through photos, one might pass by their photos from the night. Without knowing it, mood could be lifted slightly. Better yet, the recipient of the cat photo peeking over their shoulder might ask who was playing at that concert?

Photo by Em Walis

The day could then improve a whole lot; for there is only one answer to this question:

Have you heard of a band called Goose? No? Well, you see… it all really started when Peter learned keyboard…….


Orebolo Setlist: Silver Dagger (Joan Baez), Elizabeth, Indian River, The Whales, Lead The Way, Caution (Bob Marley & The Wailers), Moonrise, US Blues (Grateful Dead), Dim Lights, So Ready, Devil In Disguise (Elvis), It Burns Within, Bob Don, Rosalie McFall (Charlie Monroe), Drive, Arise, Madhuvan
Encore: Angel Band (Traditional)

Photos by Zak Radick

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