Late Night Thoughts Release Their Most Honest EP To Date, “Bridges & Tunnels”

Brooklyn-based folk-pop duo, Late Night Thoughts’ new EP Bridges & Tunnels, including their hit single “Sacrifice,” released earlier last month. The duo like to describe their unique sound as “home-grown pop” evolving from just two classmates in a songwriting course in college, to blessing us with their third EP.

late night thoughts

Embodying a singer-songwriter feel, each song is undeniably earnest, opening an intimate dialogue between both artists and their audience. Warm, thick vocal harmonies consistently present themselves across the record, mixed with groovy acoustic guitar strumming and sincere messages. This time we hear a more polished, mature sound from the two artists, now with the utmost potential after amassing over 3 million streams for their first two EPs.

Every facet of our being has taken a giant leap forward, from the clothes we wear to the videos we make and the music itself. This EP will take you on a journey through what life has been like for us as young adults trying to live out our dreams while struggling with our fears and holding on to love

Late Night Thoughts

An all new sound has debuted on Bridges & Tunnels especially listening to “Faith” where Late Nights Thoughts’ transition to a ballad format execute their message in a more fitting form. The sheer rawness of their lyrics with minimal instrumentation somehow tugs on our heart strings just a little harder. Brian Rauch’s ability to encapsulate the struggles of a long distance relationship makes us think that he may have just read our mind.

The piano power ballad “analyzes the struggle of a long distance relationship,” according to the band. “It was influenced by a time in one of our relationships when long distance seemed like it was an impossible hurdle to climb, despite the love being so strong.” Rauch’s silky voice over Harlow’s piano makes you feel like it’s just you and the artists.

Mifflin Street Music produced the confidence boosting “Get Back Up” encouraging us to preserve through dark times through a catchy hook releasing a powerhouse chorus of “Push me down I’ll get back up, I always do/My motivation is strengthened by every bruise.” You can find the perfect blend of upbeat classic foot-tapping classics to more somber tracks with serious notes, the EP as a whole is meant to encapsulate a journey.

late night thoughts

Brian Rauch serenades us enunciating the countless uphill battles that a relationship may take you on like “Love Ain’t Cheap”. Michael Harlow gives us his signature syncopated groove on guitar and we can’t help be be engrossed in dance. A type of song that will make you uncontrollably break out with some embarrassing dance moves hoping nobody will watch you.

Late Night Thoughts true secret sauce lies in their vulnerable songwriting. Yes, their songs will make you burst out in dance and sing your heart out, but when taking a closer listen one might be amazed in what and how LNT is able to describe the many journeys we take in life. “Inches” is a good representation of their ability to illustrate crucial memories through lyric and song: “It’s giving and taking/ I’ll make it my mission for more than an instant/ For minute by minute/ We take it by inches.

These 5 tracks present LNT as comfortable with their audience and happy to share their introspective ideas. Listeners may take an enduring walk through the EP to discover something new about themselves, but should not be afraid because you can always confide with Late Night Thoughts.

Key Tracks: Faith, Get Back Up

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