Kate Gratson Uses her Unique Background to Create “The Girl You Knew”

Like many of us, Kate Gratson used the pandemic to channel her inner-self. Consequently, her latest album, The Girl You Knew, does most of her speaking for her. Gratson’s process of self-reflection is something that her fans are all too familiar with and on this latest project, she found a way to perfectly encapture all the intimate feelings we’re afraid to share out loud. A veteran of writing on self-actualization and acceptance, it’s apparent that the she has developed an even deeper understanding of herself and lets it all out in her music.

While growing as a person and artist, Gratson has gotten a hold creatively as well, revealing a new sense of control.

Musically and lyrically, “Watch and Wonder,” is all about tension and release, and my main goal was to highlight this when creating the music video. “Watch and Wonder” is my second music video with Isaac Rosenthal on cinematography, and Grant Sorth on editing, but it is the first time I had a distinct, artistic vision in mind

Kate Granson

When listening to Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, producer and cellist, it isn’t always apparent that she has a firm foundation in both jazz and classical techniques. Her knowledge of both genres almost silently seeps into her music layered with R&B, folk/indie and electronic elements. Combining both contemporary and aged sounds, she often find herself almost painting a picture of timelessness. Her various identities, paired with the layering of samples, mixed with velvety vocals, gritty drums and melodic synths are surely to catapult her career.

Following her formal music education, Gratson would go on to receive a BM in music composition and vocal performance from the State University of New York at Fredonia. It was during this time that her sound and voice as an artist began to take shape. She then returned to New York City to focus on refining her distinctly eclectic feel, attempting to harness the layers that made up her voice. Later returning to her initial mentors, as she began to write and hone her craft, while steadily releasing singles.

At last, she released her debut album, The Girl You Knew. With a growing fanbase and unique sound, it might not be long before Kate Gratson once again becomes the girl we once knew.

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