BLVCKBOW Debut “Memorize U” With Show At Pianos On October 20th

Pop duo BLVCKBOW released their first self-written and produced song Memorize U. BLVCKBOW quickly found out how electric their creative connection was, and easily wrote ten songs in less than a month. The pair’s charisma can be heard in their new single with effortless adlibs mixed with electro-synth groove and sentimental lyrics. The duo will be coming to Piano’s on October 20th with Yarn starting at 8 pm.


Memorize U draws in listeners with their eerie intro filled with shrieking violins and distortion to a headbanging chorus with Jasmine’s and Brittni’s effortless vocals. Hawaiian natives Jasmine Crowe and Brittni Paiva created Memorize U to draw attention to the unforgettable feeling and connection we feel with someone that we can’t help but be present in these moments. “The song is about realizing there is so much in life we can’t predict, so being present is sometimes all we really feel like we have to hold on to… The lyrics to ‘Memorize U’ are inspired by feeling physically and emotionally bonded with someone,” says Crowe.

The second verse and pre-chorus amplify the song’s energy as Paiva and Crowe riff together creating a symmetry that fuels the sleek production. Stunning high vocal riffs and harmonies from the duo stand out as unforgettable moments in the track. The sonic exploration concludes with a mesmerizing, complex solo, helping close the track on a high note.

After Brittni Paiva brilliant performance as a featured guest on Jasmine Crowe’s latest single, “LOVE IS LOVE” they soon realized the true amount of potential they held as a duo. Once the pair teamed up again as BLVCKBOW, they wrote ten songs in just over a month with ease.

Thanks to Crowe’s songwriting talent established in 2018 as the winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and Paiva’s three-time NA Hoku Hanohano Awards, we can be sure to hear more music very soon. To download on stream platforms, click here.

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