Donny Skipper Releases New Single “She Farts Just Like Her Daddy”

Independent comedy musician Donny Skipper has released a new single and music video for “She Farts Just Like Her Daddy.” With two albums already streaming and a third in the works, Skipper has been putting in the work. This latest track is based on the recent arrival of his baby, a daughter named Donna Skipper who farts so much he had to write her this song.

donny skipper - she farts just like her daddy

Originally born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, Skipper moved to Syracuse about 10 years ago where he was a delivery driver at Syracuse University. He later moved to Cohoes to pursue his career as a musician and TikTok star. That leads to now where he has released his latest song “She Farts Just Like Her Daddy”.

The music video was to accompany the song was made with Skipper’s neighbor Montrese as the star. It was filmed at random farms in Halfmoon and the crew were asked to leave a few properties by angry farmers but regardless of that fact they still got everything needed. The video is directed and edited by Donny Skipper himself. 

The lead up to this release was accompanied by a series of videos posted on TikTok involving a high end baby crib called the Snoo. In the skit like videos, Donny Skipper tells the story of a fussy baby only put to sleep by the Snoo. Except after only a little while with peaceful sleep, the crib was stolen while he was away from the apartment. In the resolution of the conflict it is revealed that Montrese, Skipper’s neighbor, had stolen the crib in order to gain the starring role in the “She Farts Just Like Her Daddy” music video.

Feel free to find Donny Skipper on TikTok or Instagram @DonnySkipper. To listen to this single and his previous two albums visit Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or wherever you listen to music. 

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