Grace Yurchuk: Footsteps On the Moon EP Review

Grace Yurchuk, a lifelong musician and current NYU student, released her first EP, Footsteps On the Moon, on July 23rd. After her first two professional releases “Need Me” and “Good Together” hit all major streaming services in the spring, Grace Yurchuk has announced a follow up EP called Footsteps On the Moon. A true labor of love, this collection was conceived as dorm room pop during a pandemic.

Grace Yurchuk Footsteps on the Moon

With influences you can hear in every note, the musical storyteller has made five indie/pop hits with a little something everyone can enjoy. All written, composed, performed, and produced by herself, Grace spent many nights with the cool glow of a Mac screen illuminating her face as she tinkered with her latest creation. Her mission is to inspire other girls to discover the producer pathway, which can be just as meaningful as other “more glamorous” musical pursuits. There are so few female producers in the studio system, Grace is determined to raise that number, at least by one. 

You’re Cute When You’re Mad

The opening track deals with asking for positive attention despite the other party only contributing unhealthy things to the relationship. The backing is interspersed with electric guitar riffs that add a deep robust sound to an otherwise light pop song. Following the story, it tells of a know-it-all, teasing boy who thinks it’s cute to be rude to a potential partner. Fitting for the soundtrack to the culminating prom scene in a show when the protagonist finally realizes the popular boy isn’t worth the trouble.

Good Together

The second release from the album, a hopeful look at two young people hanging out and enjoying their time together, has been filling playlists since its debut in May. With the strong synth and beautifully layered vocals, this is the perfect feel good song. 

Need Me

The first ever professional release from Grace, “Need Me” slows down the EP. A melodic track that breaks up the dance hits and allows the listener to breathe for a second. Sticking to the title of the album, it feels like slow dancing in the moonlight or on the moon itself. By the third song on the EP, this is where the story of love gained and lost (or not reciprocated) really cements itself.

Walk In the Rain

With a tad more folk influence on this track, the guitar instrumentation is the star of this lamenting of unbalanced love. The build of the music into deep vocals filled with emotion pairs immaculately with the added piano. This is the song to listen to if you’re looking for a nice ballad.


The closing track, aptly named for its otherworldly opening, feels almost ethereal. A lyric that could describe the running motif throughout the whole release is this line from the song “If I’d have known my heart would break I would do it again with a smile on my face.” A great bittersweet track to close out the EP that also leaves a feeling of wanting to keep repeating the music to find more meanings to the words.

Overall this EP lived up to the expectations leading from the two first releases. A wonderful end of summer listen and a magnificent start to a career. To follow Grace in her future projects check out her social media, website, and Spotify.

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