Noah XO Presents “No Brakes” Just in Time for a SadBoi Summer

If you’re a fan of pop-trap melodies with hard-hitting production, then “No Breaks” might be your song of the Summer. With pop being one of the most overcrowded, oversaturated genres, it’s easy for artists to be lost in the jumble of three-chord, autotuned melodies. Noah XO is making sure to be an exception, showing up to the game with quick, catchy melodic tunes that are sure to inspire listeners to join along in the chaotic mood swing of a ride that is Noah XO’s music.

noah XO

“No Brakes is a special song for me, I wrote the chorus within 15 minutes of downloading the beat and the rest was history,” said Noah XO about his new song “No Brakes.”

Hailing from Saratoga Springs, Noah XO (real name Patrick Hayes) came up in the metal and hard rock scene, spending time in three distinct metal bands throughout Upstate New York. Hayes first started making melodic pop trap tunes under the name of Young Cobain, however, he soon changed his stage name to Noah XO to avoid controversy.

“I felt changing my name was the best way to turn a new leaf for me and my career,” says Hayes.

Throughout his musical career, Hayes’ tastes gradually shifted and progressed to a more melancholic pop-driven sound in the vein of crossover artists such as Post Malone and Juice WRLD.

This isn’t to say that Hayes lost his touch for the edge and immersive styles of alternative and metal. While listening to Noah XOs new song, “No Brakes”, you can expect to hear verses sprinkled with metallic undertones and punchy, catchy pop-punk-inspired hooks.

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