Lake George Music Festival Announces New Venue for 2021 Season

Lake George Music Festival has announced a new venue for their 2021 season at the Carriage House on the grounds of Fort William Henry. The season will follow state and local COVID-19 guidelines while bringing back some much needed live music to the Lake George area. 

Lake George Music Festival

The Carriage House on the grounds of Fort William Henry was a popular venue for years ago for the Lake George Music Festival and its resurgence into the spotlight recently. A big part of this resurgence has been part of a broader effort between the music festival, the Village of Lake George, and a small group of community minded individuals who wish to see Lake George become a cultural tourism destination. 

Alexander Lombard who is the festival’s founder spoke about this decision in the venue in the festival’s official press release saying,

The Carriage House is absolutely the perfect indoor performance space for us. It boasts a large floor plan, easy parking, climate control, and a multitude of other amenities in a prime Lake George location; not to mention the best view of Lake George! It has a beautiful hotel, restaurants, and attractions a short walk away. I truly hope other arts groups will take advantage of this venue in the coming years, making Lake George a year-round cultural tourism destination.

One of the big reasons the festival is so excited for this venue is the venue’s capacity to handle COVID-19 safety precautions. The venue’s spacious interior allows for significant audience distancing and because of that it gives the festival the confidence it needs to rehearse and perform safety and at the highest levels. The festival will meticulously comply with required New York State mandates including limited capacity, distancing, and face coverings. They learned a great deal from hosting our live Drive-In Series last September and will use this acquired knowledge to help the Lake George Music Festival be as safe as possible. 

The ten year anniversary season will be celebrated from August 18-25, 2021. The season tickets go on sale on May 1, 2021 and the single tickets will go on sale on July 1, 2021. 

For more information on the Festival visit their website here.

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