Amityville Music Hall Releases ‘AMH Volume Two’

Amityville Music Hall and Long Island Emo have teamed up to release The AMH Compilation: Volume Two, following Volume One’s release in February.

Amityville Music hall
Artwork by Sarah Waxberg

The AMH Comp: Volume Two features 34 songs from several emerging artists and legends. Some bands included in the compilation are Crime in Stereo after their last release in 2010, Twentythreenineteen, Iron Chic, Victory Garden, Moon Tooth, Blame God and Macseal. The songs on the album are originals and covers spanning from punk, hardcore and indie rock. Each song has its own sound from Crime in Stereo’s hardcore and fiery track “The Good Empire” to Macseal’s indie and laid-back style on “These Things Happens (Live at Two Worlds)”. 

The compilation is exclusively available on Long Island Emo’s bandcamp. Just like for Volume One, the second volume is available for a donation of $15. While venues are slowly beginning to reopen, the pandemic is still affecting Amityville Music Hall. Venues are allowed to open at about 33% capacity, but for the music Hall that would only allow 25 people to be there at a time, which isn’t attainable. The proceeds from The AMH Compilation: Volume Two will go to the venue and the staff. 

An exclusive print is also available along with the release and the money will be allocated to Amityville Music Hall as well. 

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