An Afternoon Cocktail with Amanda Ashley and Rochester Groovecast

Episode 116 of the Rochester Groovecast Podcast is a re-stream of Rochester Groovecast founder, Ben Albert, featured on the Afternoon Cocktail Talk show, hosted by Amanda Ashley.

Afternoon Cocktail Talk Show is a wellness-based show featuring live performances and candid interviews with National and International Singer-songwriters, entrepreneurs, and various noteworthy causes. Through a collection of perspectives, Afternoon Cocktail delivers inspirational, educational, and thought-provoking entertainment that encourages awareness, self-care, kindness, and mental wellness.

Amanda Ashley

In episode 56 of Afternoon Cocktail, “Facing The Music,” Afternoon Cocktail host, Amanda Ashley interviews Courtney Whitehead of Bison Bone, and Ben Albert of Rochester Groovecast.

Bison Bone is an Americana Rock and Roll band from Denver, CO. The band is a little bit country, a little bit rock & roll, and fully led by the boisterous singer/songwriter Courtney Whitehead. The veneer of their “Americana Rock & Roll band” description doesn’t seem to phase the group, as is apparent in their newest album, Find Your Way Out. Whitehead has unabashedly embraced the spirit of the aforementioned term, almost to the point of mockery.

The Denver-based band seems fully aware of the connotations surrounding surface level labels and uses it to their advantage by tricking listeners into thinking they are listening to something they are not. It would be easy to think Bison Bone is just another simplistic Americana band, but this is not the case. – Bandwagon Mag 2020

Bison Bone amanda ashley


00:00: Rochester Groovecast Episode Intro

02:32: Afternoon Cocktail Episode Intro

04:00: Amanda’s conversation with Bison Bone and Bison Bone Live Performance

29:09:  Amanda’s conversation with Ben Albert of Rochester Groovecast

48:09: One more live track by Bison Bone

51:41: Episode Conclusion

At Rochester Groovecast, the mantra “We’re Fans First!” harnesses the belief that the best businesses are built by fans. The podcast is deeply dedicated to playing an active role in the culture of its local scene.

The brainchild of Rochester native, Ben Albert, was created in 2016 to serve as a portfolio of the city, and nowadays, the entire region.

The podcast believes in the artistic brilliance abundant in Rochester and the surrounding regions. Ben seeks to play a pivotal role in our community by helping give Rochester a well-earned voice. He has seen first hand the abundance of talent, character, creativity, innovation, and beauty the Flower City has continuously offered.

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