Shrines Irish Folk Visual EP is Coming Soon

Brooklyn based singer and musician Shrines, also known as Carrie Erving, announced her video EP for Our Ship is Ready is set to release on April 16.


Her debut EP titled Release came out in 2019. Our Ship is Ready is inspired by the time Shrines spent in Ireland. Each track is a modern reimagining of traditional Irish folk songs that she learned while she was there. She learned from traditional Irish singers Iarla O Lionaird and Karan Casey. Shrines credits her time in Ireland for having a deep impact on how she sings and writes music. This EP serves as a “snapshot” of her the time she spent creating during the pandemic while living in isolation in nature. She recorded at her home studio vocal producer Rosana Caban from the band Psychic Twin and arranging and mixing with cellist and a longtime collaborator Chris Loxley long distance.

The video EP was created while Shrines and her husband who also played video director, Brody Bernheisel, were quarantining in Maine. The videos remain true to the essence of the songs as it shows the connection between the natural settings and the lyrics. Each track has a recurring theme of starting a journey and getting lost in the excitement of the unknown future. The songs arrangements consist of strings, pianos, synths paying homage to her favorite 60s and 70s folk songs.

With her new EP coming out, Shrines shares a glimpse of what’s to come with the video for the song “Silkie.” Her goal for the visual EP is to give viewers an escape after going through the difficult year since it gave her grounding and solace while making it.

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