This week’s EQXposure features Being Both, Girl Blue and many more!

Each Sunday evening from 7-9pm you’ll find EQXposure on WEQX, featuring two hours of local music from up and coming artists. Tune into this Sunday night to hear new music from Being Both, Girl Blue and many more!

Being Both

WEQX has long been the preeminent independent station in the Capital Region of New York, broadcasting from Southern VT to an ever-expanding listening audience. NYS Music brings you a preview of artists to discover each week, just a taste of the talent waiting to be discovered by fans like you.

When EQXposure kicks off on Sunday evening, host Pearson will feature an hour of two in a row from a select group pf local artists. These two songs in a row will give a glimpse into an artist or band that reveals who they are and what they are all about, no matter how different or similar the songs are.

Featured artists in this first hour include Slaughterhouse Chorus, Ferriday, Sarah King, Donnie, Elder Orange, Victory Soul Orchestra, Lorne Montague and Party of the Century.

Being Both “Picturing Picturing”

Next, Pearson, features the new project from Christopher Brown of Troy’s Super Dark Collective, called Being Both. The debut track “Picturing Picturing,” from the album Her Words, My Mouth, is a beautiful tune of longing, with a subtle mellotron background set next to an arpeggiated electric piano.

Also featured is a brand new song from Girl Blue, “Just a Dream” 

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