Post-Rap’s DIE the Monk Unveils Impurity in ‘The Beauty Complex’

DIE the Monk is a music alias that explores the macro imperfections of the worlds porous skin. In his latest release, The Beauty Complex, the post-rap artist turns a musical effort emotive. Thus, dissecting brash human composition in real time.

London born, Sebastien Carnot, deems the stage as his battleground, “where the enemy of the past meets the savior of self-preservation.” Likewise storytelling through dramatized musical ideas and industrial sounds are the essential elements to his craft. The Beauty Complex surely isn’t everyones spot of tea, but the inter-workings of the album shed light on modern warfare in the likes of self-destruction and social [media] evolution.

DIE The Monk
The Beauty Complex album art. Released Nov. 19, 2020.

Carnot pursued the DIE the Monk persona in 2018 when he felt the urge to express energy outwards and publicize his secrets. The realization becomes apparent through The Beauty Complex: that we are all Monks, stewing on our own thoughts for better or for worse.

I was aiming to create a dancy album full of industrial noises. Messages in this album surround feelings of concern for: self-preservation, mindlessness, over-thinking, and listening to your gut.

The 9-track DIY opens with “The Void,” a ghoulish opera that crosses the threshold of your inner black hole. With no hope of return, the monk’s musical tinure holds true to the genres dystopian harmony. Immense reverb, choir like voices and a seemingly subconscious conversation drives the listener indefinitely inward.

“Driver,” may have suited as a better opener, as it sucks you into a heavy trance. Envision London’s late night, underground dance tunnel thriving through all hours, until the explodes into a fountaining half-time.

Point blank song titles provoke emotion in its purest form. “Timid” takes on a mystical intro. Opening with heavenly exploration, the music weaves into a darker reality of ones insecurities. Off-the cuff raps leave hints of social media and Instagram complexes, but in monk’s reply “I’m not a pretty picture.” None of us are.

Influenced by artists like Shabazz Palaces, JPEGMAFIA, Xiu Xiu, and Macula Dog, DIE the Monk has carved an underground vibe that transcends pop-up backyard and basement shows. In 2018 DIE the Monk released his debut album, Privacy, filled with drama and dark underlying tones. In the last year a follow up album, Deep End, captured a love disaster, where on his third effort DIE the Monk states “The Beauty Complex is just the beginning.”

The Beauty Complex is surely an acquired taste, yet worth the exploration in its musical and social exploration. The driving and infinite electronic colours will keep the listener entwined. No “Pressure.”

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