Wave Farm to Host Ragas Live Festival on November 21-22

Ragas Live Festival will broadcast on November 21-22, hosted by the Brooklyn nonprofit organization Wave Farm. The virtual festival will run for 24 hours straight – from 7 p.m. on Saturday until 7 p.m. Sunday. The 24-hour broadcast will feature over 60 musicians’ global performances.

 Ragas Live Festival

The Indian classical music tradition known as “raga” was the inspiration for the festival. A “raga” is a musical mode with its own emotions, associated with a specific time of day. The music from the raga harmonizes with changes in light and the emotions associated with a sunset, high noon, or midnight. The musical tradition helped to cultivate the concept for the festival to beam out 24 hours of “raga” to reflect the innovations within the music industry. Ragas Live Festival is in its consecutive ninth year since its start back in 2012. With the music industry having to readjust around COVID-19, Ragas Live Festival was able to transition into a first-ever broadcast for this year’s celebration.

The Ragas Live Festival will feature performances from all around the world and fellow New York artists including; Andy Statman (Manhattan), Krishna Mohan Bhatt (Brooklyn), Arun Ramamurthy (Manhattan), Roopa Mahadevan (Brooklyn), Ask Hafiz (Manhattan), Samarth Nagarkar (Brooklyn), and more.

International performers include Terry Riley (Himitsu, Japan), Betsayda Machado y Parranda El Clavo (El Clavo, Venezuela), Derek Gripper (Capetown, South Africa), and more. Pioneer Works, Brooklyn Raga Massive, NYC Radio Live, and the Rubin Museum of Art are all partners in presenting the event.

Wave Farm will continue to provide support to artists with their Wave Farm Artist Residency Program coming up in February. Artists have the chance to gain valuable radio experience by applying with a specific radio art project. The deadline for the Residency applications is February 1.

Click here to register for The Ragas Live Festival event.

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