U.S. Senate Introduces New Bill to Give Music Venues Economic Relief

On Oct. 20, U.S. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley co-sponsored a brand new inclusive package that, if approved by the House and Senate, will provide more that $370 billion to small businesses and music venues in Oregon and nationwide that were most affected by the pandemic.

Senate Bill Music Venues
Live concert pre-pandemic

The Heros Small Business Lifeline Act is an off shoot of the Paycheck Protection Plan, which gave small businesses loan forgiveness and grants at the start of the pandemic. Heros 2.0 essentially would extend those programs and give more help to those businesses in need.

This legislation would provide an urgently needed lifeline for  thousands of small businesses struggling to keep their doors open and to employ Oregonians who want very much to earn a paycheck.

Senator Ron Wyden

For the National Independent Venue Association, this bill needs to be passed so that venues can get the relief they need since they were of the businesses that were hit the hardest.

Last month, the House passed the Save Our Stages Act. This was a huge accomplishment for NIVA in that the SOS authorizes the Small Business Administration to makes grants eligible to live venue operations and other music industry workers. They now need to go a few steps further in the Senate in order for music venues to keep their doors open.

This is urgent. Our members cannot wait any longer for emergency relief. Once independent venues go under, they do not come back. We respectfully implore our elected officials to come together and Save Our Stages. 


As of today, 95% of music industry workers have been furloughed and are still not operating. NIVA urges Congress to move forward with HEROS 2.0.

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