Autumn Nicholas Strives to Make a Difference Through Music

Autumn Nicholas, a soul-pop singer-songwriter from Raleigh, NC, is a talented young musician that makes her listeners only want more. Growing up with a father who played drums and a brother who played guitar, music was always prevalent in her family; however, Nicholas never thought she would make a career out of it.

Autumn Nicholas
Autumn Nicholas Promo

To say Nicholas is passionate about her music is an understatement. Not only is she passionate about her music, but she is passionate about making a difference in our society. She strives to make her music unique and relevant, singing about love and loss as well as hope and pain—which has been very pertinent in today’s civilization.

Recently inspired by the #BlackLivesMatter and LBGTQ marches, her new single “Side by Side” shows both the positive and negative sides of these movements in hopes to try and get people to stand up and take action. She says the single “is focused on how we are all uniquely beautiful, beyond our gender, circumstance, and skin, no one more than the other.” Autumn Nicholas is proud to be and sing about her sexuality. The gay, biracial artist stands out among other young artists because she sings about her own life in a way that can relate to anyone. She also sings to the masses where she offers inspiring messages through her lyrics and gives her listeners something to think about.

I can’t understand why we all just keep taking sides

Why can’t we sympathize?

If we really care about each other’s lives

Then let’s go and make it right

Standing side by side for equal rights

Autumn Nicholas – ‘Side by Side’ Single

Both the song’s lyrics and production capture her goal of coming together as people to stand up for what is right. “I want it to focus less on me and more on the words and the art and the community,” said Nicholas. She even said the official music video of ‘Side by Side’ was rushed because they had to make it before the artwork was taken down, and that there will be a second version of the song that shows even more street art as well as other artists of different races from around the world.

When performing her song live, she starts by talking about #BlackLivesMatter and how it relates to her song. “It grabs the attention and captures the importance of those words,” She explains, “it is deeper than that – it’s about equal rights and LGBT, but it ties in as a whole to unity, something during these times we do not have a lot of, especially since we are feeling like we’re trapped in our homes, like we are divided, whether it’s by sickness or by color. I hope this song can bring some unity to our time period.” In times like these, Nicholas wants to bring hope to our world, something in which our world needs right now.

Autumn Nicholas is also in the process of developing a clothing line titled Unbrand.d where their motto is “No Genre. No Gender. No Rules.” She wishes to create a style that can be worn by anyone no matter the gender. Her first item from the brand is a T-Shirt in which the proceeds will go to a food bank.

Not only will Nicholas continue to show the world her vibrant personality and talents, but she will continue sending the messages of unity and equality in her second EP Shades of Beige coming out this November.

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