“The Afterparty” Weekly Concert Series Announced to Follow Trey Anastasio’s “Beacon Jams”

The Afterparty” was announced as a weekly streaming concert series to follow Trey Anastasio’s “The Beacon Jams” concert series. It will take place on James Casey’s live-stream platform, Aux Chord, and will run every Friday between October 9 and November 27 after Trey’s show.

James Casey is the founder of Aux Chord, and a longtime member of the Trey Anastasio Band. Aux Chord is a live virtual music venue created by artists in support of bringing together the music community at large. 100% of the profits directly benefit the artists performing on each show. Because of this, 100% of the proceeds from “The Afterparty” concert series will benefit the performers from that night’s concert. Trey Anastasio Band Member & Aux Chord Founder James Casey are hosting the concert series and plan for it to take place across multiple stages. “The Afterparty” series will feature 2 hours of staggered live performances with a host DJ and multiple virtual stages that viewers can pop into throughout the night. 

The first episode of “The Afterparty” will kick off on Friday, October 9 shortly after 10PM EST after the weekly “The Beacon Jams” airs at 8PM EST via Twitch. The first night will host DJ Raydar Starts Spinning at 10:15, James Casey at 10:30, and Louis Cato at 10:45. Tickets are on sale now here and tickets are only $10 for the first show. 

There will also be an added feature on Aux Chord that will give the audience weekly interactive experience featuring “Fancam,” which allows viewers to watch alongside one another, dance together and truly interact with the performance.

For more information on the “The Afterparty” concert series and on the lineups for the future performances, visit Aux Chord’s website.

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