Westside Gunn releases major-label debut “Who Made the Sunshine”

Westside Gunn isn’t new to the music industry, with his first EP dating back to 2005. In that time, he has individually and collaboratively released over 20 projects. Yet, his latest LP — Who Made the Sunshine — (his first under Shady Records, a subsidiary of Interscope records) and what he claims will be his last ever, feels different and Westside Gunn is treating it differently.

Who Made the Sunshine

From celebrating his Entertainment Weekly feature, to posting nostalgic pictures and videos of his journey, Westside Gunn displays a mixture of hubris and humility that comes with a certain level of ascendency.

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THIS MIGHT BE THE REALEST POST I EVER MADE! Looking thru these pics reminiscing I drop real tears seeing how far I came E.S. Buffalo Kid wit a vision U see ChineGun & Benny right behind me while I was styling, growing up I always was fly, a innovator, I talk this ART life bc I was doing comics at 9yrs old, I talk this fashion life bc I was having ppl wear my clothes I designed at 13yrs old, I ALWAYS wanted my team to shine from Conway, Benny,ChineGun and Kutter we All grew up Surrounded by the worst things a kid should ever see but We Made it! seeing this footage of MachineGun Black rhyming u have to ask the question WWCD? Now Kutter locked up, its krazy bc as much as murals I have all over the world and tattoos of me on ppl all over the world came in the HATE, it’s ppl who really hate me when All I did was provide a bigger lane to a sound that was dead in the mainstream eyes, just imagine if it wasn’t for FLYGOD how many ppl would be starving? Everybody doing clothing lines and merch, everybody doing Vinyl, just look at ppl Art covers that’s All ME, I read Genius and they don’t even have my lyrics right that’s how advanced of wat I say is so Ofcourse the avg listener won’t get it they want it simple bc they don’t understand the Fly life/ART so that’s makes me trash, NO that makes u behind, 10years from now ppl will get it they’ll understand that I’m on the Mt. Rushmore of Curators, u think I get on a song and be like I gotta be the best…. NO I want the best music in the game so I put the best ppl together for the culture, WHO MADE THE SUNSHINE is probably my first & last album on a major and I just wanna personally thank everybody who stood behind me from Day1 I did everything imaginable in the streets, prison, and now Music, look at the BET HIPHOP awards coming and were not even nominated for NOTHING 😂😂 but I influenced half the list Bet that, I love u All and hope u enjoy my @shadyrecords album that y’all been waiting on and Support if u love HipHop y’all say this wat y’all need but then don’t run the numbers up I worked this hard for a lane but y’all don’t run the numbers this why the BS keeps winning 🤷🏽‍♂️ #FLYGOD #RIPSHAY #RIPMGB #FREESLY #FREEKUTTER

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen the extravagant emcee and his Griselda cohorts slowly rise to mainstream stardom and it feels like the one they call “Fly God” is finally taking time out to revel in the fruits of his labor.

In the streaming era, lengthy waits between projects are no more, as this is his third project of the year. The first was the critically-acclaimed, Pray for Paris, which gained album of the year considerations. The second, was the more unassuming — but solid — Flygod Is an Awesome God 2. The last, an 11-track, 40-minute album that contains elements that are unique only to Westside Gunn.

The wrestling-themed song titles, unique and eye-catching covers, as well as the customary features. There are the usual suspects on Who Made the Sunshine, including Benny the Butcher and Conway the Machine (who have a long-standing family history of appearing on each other’s projects), Detroit emcee and Griselda signee Boldy James and the self-titled “first lady” of Griselda, Armani Caesar.  

Aside from his Griselda associates, Westside Gunn features hip hop legends the likes of: Black Thought, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes and most surprising of all, Slick Rick. Recognized for his unique presentation, nothing is off the table for the Griselda head honcho and it’ll be interesting to see if he sticks to his retirement as a rapper once this much-anticipated album has been digested. 

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