Nicolas McCoppin Provides A Jepsen-esque Adrenaline Rush on “Loverboy”

On Friday, September 25, NYC pop artist Nicolas McCoppin released his debut studio EP Loverboy. The eight-track EP includes four new tracks, as well as previous singles “Stuck,” “Ur Love,” “Remember That Night,” and “For Years.” New dance-pop song “Heaven” was released shortly before the EP:

Continuing the lovestruck nature of its singles, Loverboy is positively infatuated. Besides the whimsical and even naive lyrics, McCoppin channels a disco-fied Cupid on the album cover. But in addition to his proclamations of romantic love, the album is equally a love letter to his city.

New York City played a really huge role in the project. It’s where I wrote and recorded all the tracks. In my eyes, the project is not only about falling in love with a boy, but it also doubles as a love note to New York […] I touch on growing up in a small town in Upstate New York and then escaping to the city to find love.

Nicolas McCoppin

In addition to “Heaven” and “Remember That Night” shouting out Brooklyn and the Bronx, there are two whole tracks just about New York: “Subway Sunsets” and “City of Love.” The brief electric guitar bridge in “Subway Sunsets” is one of the album’s most creative moments, and “City of Love” feels like an East Coast “Teenage Dream.” Loverboy’s sound and lyrical content also borrow heavily from Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion and Dedicated albums, specifically her song “Now That I Found You,” but the added city homages help McCoppin make the 80s-inspired dance-pop sound his own.

While this type of pure pop is rarely found on the Billboard Hot 100 these days, it still has a steady cult fanbase kept afloat by Jepsen, Kim Petras, and Charli XCX (at least when the latter leans into a more accessible sound). McCoppin fits right in with those artists on Loverboy, and their fans will definitely gravitate towards him.

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