Kolby Oakley finds inspiration from a “Front Row Woman”

Upstate New York-born and Nashville-based Kolby Oakley has released his latest single “Front Row Woman.”

Kolby Oakley

Growing up in a musical household, it was in Oakley’s blood to seek out a stage of his own to command. Both Oakley’s mother and father were talented musicians, with his mother playing bass guitar and his father singing in modern rock and blues bands. Oakley’s Uncle Craig was also a well known jazz drummer, having played with artists such as The Beach Boys and Bob Hope.

The song came from a run of dates my band and I were on and I really took notice of how there was always one woman in the room that just stopped the place. I was amazed at the power these woman had and that’s where the last line of the chorus “Don’t you know you front row women get me every time” comes from.

Kolby Oakley on “Front Row Woman”

In January 2016, Oakley packed his guitar and moved from Upstate New York to Nashville to begin the next chapter of his career. Since moving to Nashville, Oakley has released multiple songs including “Moonshine Stand,” “Mud Bog” and “I’m Here.” Oakley says, “It took me some time to find who I am as an artist and where my place is in music as a whole. My latest music includes all my influences from Country, Rock and Blues, which delivers the Outlaw Country/Rock sound you hear on my latest work. ”

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