Wu Tang Wednesday: RZA composes another type of ‘Ice Cream’ for Good Humor

“French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe, even caramel sundaes is gettin’ touched, and scooped in my ice cream truck, Wu tears it up.”

Iconic lyrics, on an iconic beat, this Raekwon and Method Man collaboration is one of the many iconic records that have solidified RZA’s status as one of hip hop’s best producers. Yet, the man behind some of hip hop’s most recognizable beats isn’t finished composing songs about ice cream.

And as of recently, French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe ice cream will now be served from Good Humor ice cream trucks sans-racially insensitive undertones. Celebrating their 100thanniversary, the pioneers of the ice cream truck have decided to make a much-needed change to their marketing strategies, ditching their old theme — with racial undertones and history — for a fresher, more inclusive version, composed by the Wu Tang head honcho. 

They called me up and was like ‘We gotta do something about this, Riz. We can change the dynamics, we can make a new ice cream jingle for a new era. We wanted to make a melody that includes all communities, that’s good for every driver, every kid.

– RZA in a social media video accompanied by the new jingle.

The old jingle “Turkey in a Straw” is tainted with a history of being performed in 19th century minstrel shows, with the lyrics often replaced in favor of more egregious options. 

Good Humor has said in a statement that it is now “calling on all drivers to stop playing ‘Turkey in the Straw’ immediately” and, to ensure that, they have released the song as a free download for every ice cream truck to use.

The RZA endorsed jingle, keeps many of the same elements that will continue to endear children to ice cream trucks, while incorporating sped up drums, giving it a faster pace, as well as a hip hop feel.

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