Albany Events Video Podcast brings together a Who’s Who of the Capital Region music scene

Things have been interesting the past few months, between online streaming and socially distanced live shows being the only methods to get your live music fix. We’re hopeful that things will continue to improve in New York State and surrounding areas so we can get back to having the best live music offerings in the country.

To get an idea of where things are at in the Capital Region, catch up with a Who’s Who of the Albany music scene thanks to Albany Events Video Podcast series. You’ll find interviews and insight from Frankie Cavone at Mirth Films, Luke Malamood from Hartley’s Encore, Art Fredette of RadioRadioX, the team at The Spot 518, and staff from the Albany Events team. Between the 16 (and counting) episodes, you’ll get an idea of what the past few months have been like for musicians, videographers, publishers, photographers, event planners and more!

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