Radio Personality Brian Orlando Launches Podcast ‘Rock and Soul Tarot’

Long Island radio personality Brian Orlando launched Rock and Soul Tarot, a podcast combining tarot card reading and rock music. Orlando uses the songs as a way to deliver messages and explain meanings of the tarot cards.

Brian Orlando's Rock and Soul Tarot
Credit: Stevie Price

The podcast looks at tarot meanings and lessons through the lens of rock music, which Orlando pulls from over 17 years of rock radio stories, memories, and knowledge. 

Music was my first love and I always related everything I learned about to a song. So, I started equating tarot meanings to my favorite songs to help memorize them and as I started doing readings it seemed the best way to explain the messages from the cards was through the one language I knew fluently…. Rock and Roll

Brian Orlando

The connection between music and tarot cards is already apparent. For example, the Judgement card depicts a trumpet with seven emanations, symbolic of seven musical notes. In addition, the Hierophant card is associated with the physical and interior sense of hearing, depicting two crossed keys on the ground, suggesting tapping into hidden vibrations. 

Many famous rock musicians have incorporated symbolism and iconography of tarot cards into their work, including Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Tool, and Rush.

To me it’s an honor if I help guide someone to their highest path. Rock and Soul Tarot is the guide to cards for anyone and everyone, using song lyrics, and stories about musicians and bands, to help channel the energy of each card. We look at tarot “Through the lens of Rock and Roll”

Brian Orlando

Orlando began the Rock and Soul Tarot podcast by explaining the meaning of each card outright. Next he will begin to incorporate guest readings and discussions with renowned psychics, musicians, and familiar faces from the entertainment industry.

The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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