Burning Bicycles Release Debut Single “Moonlight”

One of the newest bands to come out of New York City‘s Indie underground, Burning Bicycles makes their debut with the single “Moonlight.” Originally released April 13, this track serves both as an acknowledgment of NYC’s crisis with COVID-19 and a call for hope amid the chaos.

In this track you can hear the Burning Bicycles leaning into their psychedelic rock roots, crafting a dreamy track that pairs a mellow glimmering guitar with a laid back beat. Burning Bicycles states that “Moonlight’ encourages our fans to be aware of the world around them, but not to give up on their dreams and ambitions: regardless of the conditions we face.”

I couldn’t agree more with their assessment and the chorus perfectly exemplifies their intent, further adding to the inspiring and uplifting tone of the track.

“Don’t break away, Look around at the world that you stay, Living in and, Don’t let them take, All your dreams it’s the reason why you live”

Be sure to check out Burning Bicycles newest single, “War” and find them on their Facebook for updates on their coming releases.

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