Premiere: Nick Deutsch releases music video for “Talk 2 Me”

In his latest music video “Talk 2 Me,” Nick Deutsch retorts the poetics of up all night running through rainy New York City backend streets to nowhere and isolated vocals searching for a voice on the back of a bar napkin, into tender melodies. “Talk 2 Me” ruptures the singer-songwriter essences of spacial time and place, to recapture the breath behind the vocals in a wholly original inspiration. The best expressions of the human experience don’t tell us what to feel, they provide a compass through ourselves.

“Talk 2 Me” texts the pressing distances between 2AM love lost and the possibility of tomorrow that pulls us inwardly without asking where or when we’ve arrived at the place we embody. Thematically Nick Deutsch constructs a soundtrack for a new depth of vulnerability but also finds playfulness in the unmasking of pretenses. A note on the mantle of infinite possibility, if only you “Talk 2 Me.” Maybe a reminder that all the broken pieces can recoup a liberated spirit of being; The perfect song to cinematic imagery for a pause in reclamation of that breath we all need before the feelings fall out. 

Nick Deutsch is a New York based piano playing, indie pop Singer/Songwriter originally from Wilmette Illinois. Jazz arranging and harmony brought Nick to New York University where he met and became friends with Tina Shafer, CEO of the New York Songwriter’s Circle. He has shared the stage with established singer-songwriters Ian Axle, (Great Big World) Billy Porter (Kinky Boots) Rob Mathes (Sting), as well as recorded with American Idol’s finalist Marissa Pontecorvo.

While this may be new music from Nick, he is no stranger to the international music scene for his songs off his EP’s Crazy Ride and Heartsaver have led to nominations for Best Pop Male Vocal (2013 IMEA Awards), and The Great American Song (2013 POP Category). Additionally, his music has been featured on Nickelodeon’s “Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life” and TV Land’s “Younger.”

In the meantime of Nick’s upcoming music releases, visit his website to subscribe to his email newsletters and request a song for his weekly live performances.

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