In Focus: Sunsquabi lights up the crowd at Town Ballroom

review by Philip B. Right

Town Ballroom may want to look into a new room after The Floozies, Sunsquabi and Late Night Radio blew the lid off the Buffalo venue on Sunday, March 1.

Sunsquabi showed up with a production that would have made any fan assume they, not The Floozies, were the headliner. No punches were pulled as the 3-piece band created an experience greater than the sum of their individual tracks. A high energy and seemingly nonstop dancing frenzy was on tap all night, with each jam and each mind-melting riff flowing seamlessly into the next.

The set included fan favorite bangers including “Just a Little” and “Deluxe.” However, one would not have needed to be familiar with the band’s discography to get down to their elaborate, funky blend of electronic and jam music. The Sunsquabi love at the Town Ballroom that evening was real, and contagious. Never miss a Sunday show.

Setlist: Just a Little, Bacon and Cheese, Torque, Chrysalis, Night Moth, Deluxe, Sticky, Wizard, Steamcat

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