Upper Jay Arts Center welcomes Roost and The Mountain Carol this October

Roost and The Mountain Carol will warm up the Adirondacks this fall with a performance on Friday, Oct. 11 in the Recovery Lounge at the Upper Jay Arts Center. The all-ages show starts at 8 p.m. with a suggested donation of $5.

Roost, a five-piece dance punk band from Burlington, with three members hailing from the 518, released their debut EP in January 2019, with a follow up EP due out in November. This summer the group hosted a new event in Vermont, the Alder Brook Campout, which they hope to be an annual tradition. They’ve performed alongside The Mountain Carol before and have gone on to play The Monopole in Plattsburgh together a few times.

The Mountain Carol, a synth-pop group from Plattsburgh, initially took form via two reclusive childhood friends from the backwater town of Saranac, New York. Guitarist Austin Petrashune returned home from Hong Kong where he had spent years playing the fiddle, while, in the middle of the woods down the road, songwriter Charles Wilson had forsaken drums in favor of channeling his imagination through the piano and a broken Casio keyboard. Once reconnected, the band found its ideal balance when they reached out to local impresario Matt Hall, a multi-talented Syracuse-cum-Plattsburgh fixture known for his many independent musical releases. The Mountain Carol seems intent on expanding the conventional role of a band, releasing music as well as video and mixed media art projects in conjunction with their mysterious fan club/utopian life cult “The Divine Council.” Don’t miss their show at Upper Jay Arts Center on December 10.

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