The Morning Sea release video for “Mad in Berlin”

Brooklyn-based, folk-Americana group The Morning Sea recently released their new single and video, “Mad in Berlin” via Americana-UK. Recorded in band member Sonny Ratcliff’s Brooklyn apartment, “Mad in Berlin” is the second single from their upcoming album Half Keys and features footage from the band’s travels to Berlin.

“Mad in Berlin” portrays an air of excitement and freedom, and a sense of optimism slightly obscured by a wary sense of struggle on the horizon. The song’s video, directed and edited by Ratcliff, captures these emotions beautifully by combining a blend of joyful and melancholy images.

Songwriter / frontman, Adam Cohen, started The Morning Sea as a solo project in 2013, but the project quickly flourished into a full-fledged band with the help of a talented crew of New York City musicians, notably including Cohen’s long-time collaborator Ratcliff, a multi-instrumentalist and producer. The band has since gone on to create three previous albums, multiple singles and videos, and have played countless shows at New York City’s most prominent venues.

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