Hearing Aide: Within Shadows ‘Face to Face’

Within Shadows burst onto the Canadian metal scene a couple years ago, garnering a following with their relatable lyrics, emotionally-charged vocals and instrumental innovation. This summer, they released a few remastered songs from their 2017 album, Mind = Enemy, and launched their latest collection of work, Face to Face

Within Shadows started as the solo project of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sean Farias. He’s worked with a handful of musicians over the years. On this album, Farias worked with Derek Petricka on writing, recording, engineering and producing the album. The album also features collaborations with Oshie Bichar (Beartooth, City Lights), Lucas Mann (Rings of Saturn) and Joe Farias (Intruder X). 

Face to Face at its core is metal catharsis. The music contained herein is a conduit for channeling primal pain and political angst. From the anguish of “My Sorrow” and the agony of “Betray” to the politically charged anthems “Uprising” and “Our Revolution,” the music provides a space for purging emotions. They are personal but also strike a resounding chord within the listener. Intense and brooding, Within Shadows does not merely ride out the storm, they charge into it headfirst.  

There’s a little something for everyone on Face to Face, as the 13 tracks adeptly flow through various styles including hardcore, metalcore, hard rock, and djent. The album has a broad appeal, speaking to those who spent their formative years hanging out at the metal stages at Warped Tour as well as those of us who grew up on Black Sabbath and Metallica. 

Key Tracks: My Sorrow, Betray, Our Revolution

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