Big Gigantic’s Rowdytown 3D Lights up the Brooklyn Mirage

NYC has waited for a Rowdytown. We finally got one last Friday as Big Gigantic’s Rowdytown New York 3D descended into the Brooklyn Mirage to a sold out crowd. Hippie Sabotage, Shallou, Louis Futon and ilo ilo were the supporting artists at this high-energy EDM event. The industrial views of Manhattan from the venue combined with the onstage sensory odyssey made for a crazy night of music. 

Ashe sings with Big Gigantic

Ilo ilo started off the evening. Little is known about this enigmatic duo, though recently they took Louis the Child on a scavenger hunt through New York City to release the track “come thru.” Their eclectic mix of electro-pop and bass distortion really got the crowd going.

ilo ilo

Los Angeles-based Louis Futon brought his exciting mix of electronic hip hop, r&b and soul to the stage next. He was joined by Hailey Niswanger (flute, saxophone), Jawann Blanchey (drums) and Ariel Shrumpet (trumpet), with Blanchey on stage the entire time. His blend of fresh beats, organic instruments and clever visual displays was particularly tasty.

Louis Futon

Shallou, also from Los Angeles, kept the party going with delicious ambient and house melodies. The venue was almost full to capacity at this point, and the crowd was really digging Shallou’s visual production.


Big Gigantic took the stage to a roaring crowd wearing 3D glasses. The band members include Dominic Lalli (saxophone/producer) and Jeremy Salken (drums). Behind the band sat a huge LED screen with vibrant 3D imagery that coordinated with the lights on stage and at high points in the venue. Big Gigantic played new hits and old favorites, starting with songs like “Touch the Sky” and “C’mon.” Halfway through the set, singer Ashe joined the band on stage for their recent collaboration, “Friends.”

Big Gigantic’s Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken

Sacramento, California’s Hippie Sabotage provided even more high energy as the late night entertainment after Big Gigantic’s monster set. This indie electro duo isn’t afraid of late nights, as they started at 2:20 a.m. and blazed into the night.

NYC is still reeling from our first Rowdytown 3D party. The outdoor festival feel was well executed, bands were on point, and the venue was perfect for the occasion. NYC looks forward to the next one. 

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