Big Gigantic Sell Out Buffalo’s Town Ballroom

EDM legends Big Gigantic wrap up their last dates of their Brighter Future Tour. The duo are no strangers to the electronic scene, especially in Buffalo where they sold out the Town Ballroom on July 27. 

Photo Credit: Maddie McCafferty

Buffalo had multiple DJ’s preforming for hours before Big G took over. Special guests Covex, MEMBA, and KASBO opened up the night getting the crowd pumped up. 

Big Gigantic are veterans at mixing edm beats with multiple instruments to give a sound that is both danceable and intuitive. The Denver natives Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken utilize saxophone and drums to layer over samples. They don’t shy away from any style of music. Their range stretches from jazz to hip hop, and funk to dubstep. Alongside their cinematic production, Big G knows how to put on a show. Whether that be headlining a major festival like Electric Forest or filling up the Town Ballroom, these two do not disappoint.   

Photo Credit: Maddie McCafferty

The duo opened up the show with their single “Future’s All I See” off of their latest 2022 album Brighter Future 2. They immediately captured the stage with their animated visuals and energetic crowd welcome. Their impressive instrumentation matched with their colorful lasers had everyone getting rowdy.  

Big Gigantic never stopped once during their set. It was continuous beats and melodies blended into the next. This allowed them to play both old and new hits which left no one disappointed. Some of which included “The Little Things,” “Open Your Mind,” and “All of Me.” They managed to mix in some popular covers as well like Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Night.” 

Photo Credit: Maddie McCafferty

To top off the night Big Gigantic brought Covex back on stage to sing their song “Second Time” and closed out with “Love Unlimited.” No matter the size of the venue or location Big G proves again that they know how to put on a show. 

Make sure to stay up to date with shows coming to the Town Ballroom. Joyce Manor has a show on August 10 and Cody Jinks performs August 17. 

All photos by Maddie McCafferty

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