Exclusive: The Upstart Crows debut music video for “Melancholy Haze”

Brooklyn-based The Upstart Crows today debut their first ever music video for “Melancholy Haze” off their self-titled record. The video was inspired by the movie Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind and the memory-wiping machine Joel (Jim Carrey) uses to forget about Clementine (Kate Winslet). The video was filmed in less then 24 hours and offers a dreamy glimpse into love lost and how we all try to move past it.

The Upstart Crows self-titled album was released on August 24th of last year and earned them the best alt-rock band of 2018 award by LA Music Critics Award.

The Upstart Crows formed in the basements of Keene, NH during Jon Adams’ (lead singer/guitarist) and Forest DeCoste’s (drummer) college years. After cutting their teeth in the area’s party scene, the two made their way to Brooklyn, NY and deliver a varied mix of folk, punk, and Americana to their audiences. Always backed up by manic energy, their songs give a nod to the two’s theatrical background and wax poetic over catchy guitar riffs and booming drums. Their tongue and cheek demeanor and danceable riffs create a fun, high-energy experience for everyone.

The Upstart Crows perform on August 2 at Red Hook Roxx in Brooklyn with Flyin’ J & the Ghostrobber and La Coy. More details can be found here.

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